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Registrar Susana Macarron-Bice, of the Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, inspects a painting for possible shipping damage during the uncrating of "Bakery Counter" by Wayne Thiebaud. UC Davis Photo/Gregory Urquiaga

The Icing on the Cake: Manetti Shrem Museum Uncrates its First Thiebaud for Upcoming Exhibition

December 2017: Preparators uncrated the first of more than 60 works that will eventually be part of Wayne Thiebaud: 1958-1968. The exhibition presents rarely exhibited works and new scholarship on this formative decade, a pivotal period of Thiebaud’s practice during which the artist worked his way from obscurity to national prominence. On display Jan. 16 through May 13, it is the first museum exhibition devoted to the emergence of Thiebaud’s mature works. Read more.

Interior of B Street Theater under renovation.

A Sense of Place

November 2017: Faced with a number of ageing cultural facilities in dire need of renovation, the City of Sacramento is spearheading the Transformation Project, which includes planned facelifts for all three facilities as part of revitalizing the urban core. With some heavy design work needed to bring these landmarks into the modern era, what role are Sacramento-based architecture firms playing in updating these longstanding institutions and winning other significant, local projects? In many cases, very little. Read more.

Exhibit-goers mill among turntables and speakers during John Cage’s “33 1/3,” an immersive sound art installation piece, in 1969 at the University of California, Davis.

Major group show of black artists, John Cage piece at Manetti Shrem Museum

September 2017: Continuing with its history of showing and nurturing contemporary art, the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art has mounted a major group exhibit of leading black American artists and re-installed a 1969 show by experimental composer John Cage. Read more.

PHOTOS BY RICHARD BAMMER — THE REPORTER Artist Dread Scott created “A Man Was Lynched By Police Yesterday” (2007), a silkscreen on nylon.

Rethinking race, music at UCD

September 2017: The latest pair of art shows at the newly opened Manetti Shrem Museum on the University of California, Davis, campus probably will enlighten some visitors, register ho-hum with others, and perhaps bore a few more, but the ideas the collected works convey are worth considering. Read more.

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