Art Studio Labs'


Art Studio Labs are canceled from March 14–May 10. Additionally, the Artist Salons on March 26 and April 30 are also canceled.

Weekly drop-in workshops continue this winter in the Carol and Gerry Parker Art Studio. Each month, community artists lead weekend studio sessions and evening salons designed to engage the community and makers of all levels.

Drop in and get inspired as these artists facilitate activities in the Parker Art Studio. Experiment with various materials through prompts inspired by the museum’s exhibitions and the artist’s own art work. Join us the first weekend of each month to hear about each artist’s practice. 

Each artist will also host a Thursday evening gathering designed for other artists and the creative community, and give a short talk about their practice as a prelude to conversation and artistic exchange. Light refreshments will be served. Free with RSVP (required; space is limited); please call (530) 752-6362. 


Featured Artists

February 1–March 1: Manuel Fernando Rios
Manuel Fernando Rios is a West Sacramento artist and curator. He is a member of Axis Gallery and Verge Center for the Arts’ board of directors. Rios earned his bachelor of arts and master of arts degrees in studio art from California State University, Sacramento, and received his master of fine arts with an emphasis on painting from the University of California, Davis. He currently teaches at Sacramento City College and Sierra College. 

March 7–29: Elizabeth Corkery
Elizabeth Corkery’s work—which incorporates printmaking, digital media, sculpture and installation—reflects on the inherent contradictions of fine arts, craft and design as they relate to the history and politics surrounding decoration and ornamentation. She is also the founder/director of the international printmaking collaborative and publisher Print Club Ltd. She received her master of fine arts from Cornell University and lives and works in Sacramento.

April 4–May 10: Ianna Frisby
Ianna Frisby is a sculptor and adjunct professor in Sacramento. Although ceramics is her first love, her body of work also includes installations, embroidery, printmaking, mixed media sculpture, found-and altered objects, and public art projects. She is the co-founder of the Art Advice Booth and maintains a studio at Verge Center for the Arts.


Drop-in Workshop

Photo of artwork by Manuel Fernando Rios.
Manuel Fernando Rios, Can't See My Reflection.

Image Transfer and the Element of Surprise

Saturdays & Sundays, February 1–March 1
2–4 PM

Get inspired by surrealist experiments and engage with the art of image transfer with Manuel Fernando Rios. Try out different combinations of image transfers and adding paint to transform your work. Merge the recognizable world with an abstract dreamscape and see how those worlds converse with each other. Manuel will guide you through the process and introduce new ideas of how to approach your artmaking process. 

Artist Salon
Decisions, Decisions: Questions in the Practice

Thursday, February 6
7–8:30 PM

In his work, Manuel Fernando Rios mixes abstraction with figurative imagery that explores the idea of self-identification and its external and internal complexities. Come hear about his process of deciding which parts of his work are abstract, and what he keeps identifiable. Join the discussion and dig into the challenging questions we ask ourselves during the art-making processes. Light refreshments will be served. Free with RSVP (required; space is limited); please call (530) 752-6362. 


Drop-in Workshop

Photo of artist Elizabeth Corkery.
Photo: Carlos Avendaño, Fabric Workshop
and Museum


Paper Theaters, Imagined Spaces

Saturdays & Sundays, March 7–29
2–4 PM

Join artist Elizabeth Corkery in the studio and explore ways of creating small-scale theatrical environments inspired by the design of Victorian toy theaters. Learn the basics of making these paper structures and set your own mini-stage! Using a variety of narrative and thematic prompts, Elizabeth will introduce methods of combining collage, monoprint and stencil techniques to design and make paper theater scenery.

Artist Salon
King Effect: Aerial Views, Vantage Points and Evolving Perspectives 

Thursday, March 26
7–8:30 PM

The Artist Salon for March 26 has been canceled.

Elizabeth Corkery will discuss her ongoing interest in the history of garden design and garden representation as an evolving structure of narrative and power. In conjunction with a viewing of Doug Aitken’s NEW ERA installation, Elizabeth will forge connections between the scenographic perspectives of Aitken’s piece and a variety of design strategies employed in the environment of the Renaissance garden and its various representations: mirror rooms, follies, grottos, the centrality of the single point perspective, exaggerated symmetry, overhead “bird’s-eye” views and their contemporary descendant, the aerial drone shot. Light refreshments will be served. Free with RSVP (required; space is limited); please call (530) 752-6362.


Drop-in Workshop

Photo of artwork by Ianna Frisby, Grotto
Ianna Frisby, Grotto.

Rag Rug Project

Saturdays & Sundays, April 4–May 10
2–4 PM 

Try your hand at the art of rag-rug making with artist Ianna Frisby. Help create a large community tapestry or work on your own mini weaving. Explore textile patterns from world history and find ways to add your own imagery through stamps and printmaking. 

Artist Salon
Artist Tour 2.0

Thursday, April 30
7-8:30 PM

Ianna Frisby will be your tour guide for an evening that starts with her sharing her journey to becoming an artist, through her background, interests and artwork. Then follow along on a gallery tour with Ianna to view and discuss works from the new exhibition Stephen Kaltenbach: The Beginning and The EndLight refreshments will be served. Free with RSVP (required; space is limited); please call (530) 752-6362.