Students talking on the plaza in front of the museum.

Frequently Asked Questions


What hours and days is the Manetti Shrem Museum open?

Due to limited capacity and the constantly evolving COVID situation, we aren’t able to announce new permanent days and hours yet. Please visit our “Tickets” page for the most current available days and time slots open to the public. Your ticket reserves a two-hour time slot for you to visit.

Can I stay longer than my two-hour window?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accommodate visitors staying beyond their reserved two-hour slot. You may arrive at any time during your two-hour window, but must conclude your visit by the end of the two-hour window so the space can be cleaned and prepared for the next group of visitors.

What if I need to cancel?

If you or anyone in your party is unable to visit, please use Eventbrite to cancel your reservation as soon as possible. Log into your account and go to the “My Tickets” page. Click on “View Order” and then click “Cancel Order.” Please note that if you reserve multiple tickets, this action will cancel all reservations.

To make a change to the number of visitors in your party, please contact msmtickets@ucdavis.edu or call (530) 752-9623.

Is the Art Studio or Collections Classroom open?

Due to current distancing protocols, the Art Studio remains closed at this time. The Collections Classroom is open.

Are the bathrooms open?

Yes, bathrooms are available with every other stall and sink closed for use in order to maintain social distancing.

Are lockers still available?

Yes, the museum provides lockers for bags larger than 11x17 inches. Lockers will be thoroughly cleaned between visiting time slots. However, we encourage you to minimize the items you bring with you.

Will there be tours available for the exhibitions?

No tours will be provided at this time, but we highly encourage you to check our exhibitions’ companion websites by signing on to UC Davis Guest Wireless and accessing the QR codes within the galleries. A new website offers in-depth information including interviews, essays and videos about the exhibiting artists. Our staff will also be stationed in the galleries with iPads and will be available to answer any exhibition-related questions you may have during your visit.

How will I know where to go once I’m there?

There is a designated welcome desk station on the museum’s Events Plaza, outside the front entrance, where you will check in. Staff wearing purple T-shirts will welcome you into the museum and galleries, and can answer any questions.

Are water bottles allowed? Will fountains be open?

Yes, water bottles are allowed inside, and the museum’s water refill station is available for use. The drinking fountains are not available.

Can I leave and re-enter during my visit?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accommodate re-entry during a visit.

I didn’t receive an email with my online reservation — what do I do?

Please contact manettishremmuseum@ucdavis.edu or call (530) 752-9623 with additional questions about tickets. A museum team member will respond promptly.

Are face coverings/masks required? If so, are they available for purchase?

Face coverings are required on campus both inside and outside where others are likely to be around. For those who may have forgotten or are lacking a suitable face covering of their own, the museum has disposable masks available.

How far in advance can I reserve tickets for?

Tickets became available to reserve starting May 24 through the museum’s Eventbrite page. Visitors can reserve tickets for June 3 through July 31. More dates will be announced through manettishrem.org as they become available.

Have you made changes to your cleaning protocols?

Yes, the museum has increased its cleaning protocols to comply with campus-wide COVID-19 protocols. We have implemented regular cleaning and routine sanitizing of all public spaces and placed hand sanitizers stations at entry points. The museum as also installed a new MERV-16 HVAC air filtration system to combat airborne strains.

Can I make a group reservation (with members outside my household)?

Although multiple individuals may book tickets during a given timeslot, we are not accommodating group visits at this time.

The museum is free, but is parking free?

The university has recently made changes to parking on campus, and is encouraging visitors to use the Parkmobile app for paid hourly or daily parking. During the academic year, campus parking regulations are enforced from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and during special events. All lots are monitored by campus parking enforcement, so please be sure to follow posted signage; do not park in spaces restricted to specific vehicles/permits. 

Please refer to our website’s Visitor Toolkit for more information about how to park at the museum. Bike parking is located near the front of the museum.