Sunlight creating shadows through the museum's canopy on the event plaza cement, grass and benches.
Manetti Shrem Museum At Home

Detail of artwork 'The Rose' where oil paint and other media was used to create a piece that looks like a burst of light.

This Week's Feature

Art critic Bill Berkson documents the fascinating backstory of The Rose (1958-66) and its creator, San Francisco artist Jay DeFeo. The masterwork that started as the “big, gray painting” would take seven-plus years and nearly destroy DeFeo in the process.

Detail of a cyanotype featuring a snowflake.

Campus Voices

Cyanotypes document the gesture of placing physical matter on paper. Explore how Professor of Art Robin Hill’s work translates matter with opacity and translucency to see how much meaning and imagery she can extract from one idea or process.

Using a pencil to draw the shapes cast by sun shining through a water filled glass jar.

Art Making

Head outside with us to learn how to create Shadow Drawings that capture the magical, rippling effect of light passing through water and the different silhouettes it casts.

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Sculpture created by green neon tubes.

Videos and Digital Media

How do artists use light to keep us out of the dark? This Art Institute of Chicago video shows the ways Henry Ossawa Tanner, Käthe Kollwitz and Dan Flavin have employed light as a medium, or to create emphasis and mood.

See more videos where you can spend time with artists in their studios, listen in on fascinating conversations about art, and view artwork.

Black and white cat sitting on grassy lawn.

Community Gallery

Visit our online Community Gallery filled with art and photographs submitted from members of our community near and far.  

Photo of the museum event plaza on a sunny day.

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