Art Making

Activities to inspire creativity and conversation for people of all ages.

Creating a pencil drawing by tracing the shapes created by sunlight shining through a jar filled with water.Shadow Drawings

Head outside with us to learn how to create Shadow Drawings that capture the magical, rippling effect of light passing through water and the different silhouettes it casts.





Build It With Brandon: Fishing

Reel in a new activity! Craft a fish and fishing pole from a toilet paper tube and other common supplies in the latest installment of Build It With Brandon.



Drawing of kitchen scene colored with crayons.A New Perspective

Learn how to use the “grid method” to shift your focus to the details in plain sight, gaining a new perspective on your everyday surroundings.





Build It With Brandon: Race Car

Start your engines! Get into the driver’s seat with Brandon Annuzzi, the museum’s building manager. Watch his YouTube tutorial, Build It With Brandon, as he revs up and shows you how to turn a toilet paper tube into a racecar.



Crayons and drawing of orange jacket surrounded by pizza slices.Drawing from Memory

Close your eyes. Think back to when you last spent a long stretch of time outdoors. What do you see? What do you smell? Now take time to draw your memory.





Crayons in front of a drawing on paper of a toy, mug and apple on a green fabric.The Great Indoors

Seek artistic inspiration from the great indoors as you go on a home scavenger hunt and learn how to arrange and draw the results. Don’t forget to share your artwork with us!




Build It With Brandon: Toilet Paper Tube Binoculars

In our second installment of Build It With Brandon, Brandon shows you how to make toilet paper tube binoculars and spot the beauty all around. So grab those rolls, and let’s get started!



White statue of person propped on arms and legs.Manetti Shrem Museum See & Sketch

Explore, sketch and spark conversation with outdoor sculptures on the UC Davis campus through our interactive map. Take a tour either virtually or in person (with proper social distancing, of course).




Art materials laid out on a wooden table.Draw Glowing Shadows

Get creative with light and color in “Gathering Glowing Shadows,” an art project exploring halation.





Build It With Brandon: Toilet Paper Tube Time Capsules

Inspired by artist Stephen Kaltenbach, Museum Building Manager Brandon Annuzzi shows you how to make your very own toilet paper-tube time capsule in this step-by-step guide.




Paper Mosaic

Design a family mosaic with educators from the Frist Art Museum.