Manetti Shrem Museum At Home Newsletter Archive

While our doors are temporarily closed, the Manetti Shrem Museum remains committed to welcoming open minds with open arms. Every Friday, the Manetti Shrem Museum At Home newsletter will share long reads, fun art-making ideas, and links to open your mind and heart to art. Subscribe and have the newsletter delivered directly to your inbox.

Sculpture with cloth draped over boxes and colorful plasticware stacked on it.5/22/20: Re:Purpose


What we can learn from artists about reassessing, reimagining and renewing our purpose.





Student in tie-dyed lab coat opening museum door for visitors.5/15/20: Outside In

Whether we are outside looking in or inside looking out, our world is now framed in ways that remind us of the importance of our shared human spirit.




Art pieces in a museum gallery.5/8/20: Taking Time

This week, deepen your understanding of time using the perspectives of art, history and physics.




Detail photo of ceramic house showing garage with tan van parked in the driveway and ceramic plants.5/1/20: No Place Like Home

Robert Arneson’s The Palace at 9 a.m. arose from his Davis tract house. This week, we invite you to consider your own "palace" and how sheltering in place has transformed your connection to home.




Person walking in front of the museum on a sunny day.4/24/20: Walking Alone Together

Explore the abundant opportunities for connection and reflection in the once casual and leisurely activity of taking a walk.




Older woman and man seated, holding hands.4/17/20: Beauty All Around

Your friends at the Manetti Shrem Museum invite you to join us to look for so much beauty in the world. As Margrit would tell us, pouring a beautiful glass of wine is a great place to start!




Black and white photo of group of men in art studio.4/10/20: Pivotal Moments

In this issue of Manetti Shrem Museum At Home we celebrate our artists’ “pivotal moments” when they defied conventional wisdom, took chances, and explored new directions.



Two people looking at art with 3d glasses.4/3/20: Stephen Kaltenbach: The Beginning and the End

This issue of Manetti Shrem Museum At Home invites you into the timeless and ethereal world of Conceptual art. Together let’s open our minds to ideas that confound, delight and inspire us.




Gradient colored sign in front of a museum with the sun setting behind.3/27/20: Welcome to the Manetti Shrem Museum At Home

The first newsletter features a visit to an artist's studio, a favorite element on the periodic table, new art, and a fun art project for families.