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Learn more about the projects and passions of UC Davis faculty, staff and students.

Woman dancing in front of statue of a woman by the museum.The Catalyst: A Theatre Think Tank student ensemble used dance, movement and dialogue to provoke discussion and critical responses to the Manuel Neri sculptures installed on the west side of the museum. Watch their video, “Asking Questions: Barriers and Points of Access.






Mosaic art piece showing various plants and animals along with the name of the oak tree it's installed by in the Arboretum.Discover why some call the Arboretum the “ARTboretum” in a handy guide from the UC Davis Arts Blog. Visit the four GATEway Gardens, mosaic murals and unexpected art west of Mrak Hall. And get close to nature in the Arboretum Explorer Virtual Tour; walking shoes not required!







Cyanotype featuring the image of a snowflake.Cyanotypes document the gesture of placing physical matter on paper. Explore how Professor of Art Robin Hill’s work translates matter with opacity and translucency to see how much meaning and imagery she can extract from one idea or process.







Artwork of two dogs in front of greenery.

We asked faculty to spend two minutes looking closely at a work of art in the university’s collection and share their responses. Read the results of their deep dive.







Fabric artwork featuring two women of color in poses as if dancing with houses in their stomachs..

Shortly before campus' closure, a group of students studying curatorial principles presented Rest is Power, an exhibition about how rest has been historically denied to Black and Brown, Disabled and Queer bodies. While the exhibition was only accessible in person for a short time, explore the online iteration and reconsider your understanding of rest.






Semi-circular wooden bench in park-like setting. Learn how UC Davis has given new life to campus-grown fallen trees by repurposing them into benches in the Arboretum’s GATEway Garden, Pollinator Garden and Hunt Hall’s redwood deck.







Student in tie-dyed lab coat opening museum door for guests.Our student staff reflects on the design of the museum and how it cultivates unique experiences with art, visitors and one another.  








Smiling man writing math equations on glass with black marker.In a 2012 TEDx Talk, Professor Andreas Albrecht, a leading theoretical cosmologist, explains the relationship between destruction and the flow of time that shapes our universe and offers an updated metaphor for the COVID-19 era.







Two adults and a child hugging.Catch a glimpse of one family sheltering in place through Hug Your Family, an online photographic series documenting professors Katie Peterson and Young Suh, their daughter and each day’s range of emotions.







Meet “urban sketcher” Pete Scully, who works at UC Davis Department of Statistics, and see some of his incredible sketches of campus life and Davis that were featured in a 2016 UCD Design Museum show.




Green and purple grapes on the vine.Dr. Andrew Waterhouse, director of the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, recommends easy-to-find wines that honor Margrit Mondavi’s love of beauty.







UC Davis Design Department assistant professor Katia Vega’s eye-popping Beauty Technology integrates technology into cosmetics, transforming the body into an interactive platform.



Art History Assistant Professor Alexandra Sofroniew reveals her favorite element of the periodic table.



Visit Professor Annabeth Rosen's studio and learn about her love of materials.