Painting of Atatiana Jefferson on cardboard and attached to a fence on an overpass.

For Our Mothers, For Our Sisters, For Our Daughters

Art.In.Action exhibit honors BIPOC women

Art created to honor African American Women heroes in the fight for voting rights and female victims of police brutality was exhibited at four downtown Davis businesses that kicked off Oct. 9 with an art walk and Facebook Live event.  

The works were part of the For Our Mothers, For Our Sisters, For Our Daughters March in August recognizing the centennial of women winning the right to vote and the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. Both the march and Art.In.Action are hosted by Women in Leadership Davis (WiLD).

“We need to put faces to the names of Black women who have been victims of police brutality as well as Black women who led the civil rights movement and brought the Voting Rights act,” says WiLD founder Dzokerayi Minya.

“We hoped families could view all of this art and take the conversation home about how past and current laws affect Black families and in particular Black women.”

The contributing artists are Kate Mellon-Anibaba, Seana Burke, Danielle Fodor, Ella Fodor, Sasha Santer Hill, Nelson Loskamp, Anya McCann, Aislinn Murray, Jen Nachmanoff, Ruth Santer, Eden Sunday, Stephanie Thayer, Kaylyn Tom, Hisani Stenson and Sarah Zimmerman.