Interview with Patricia Wall

Artist Patricia Wall (’74, M.F.A. ’76) in conversation with Associate Curator Susie Kantor. Wall discusses Thiebaud's influence on her work and the compositional approach she takes in her paintings.

Interview with Bruce Nauman 

Filmed in August 2000, Bruce Nauman (M.A. ’66) discusses two teachers who influenced his approach to horseback riding and art making: master horse trainer Ray Hunt and painter Wayne Thiebaud. Nauman explains how both men taught him “how to pay attention.” — Art21

Interview with Christopher Brown 

Founding Director Rachel Teagle and artist Christopher Brown (M.F.A. ’76) discuss the bodily expression of paint, the universal language of cartooning, and the mastery with which Wayne Thiebaud navigates each.

Interview with Julie Bozzi 

Artist and student of Wayne Thiebaud, Julie Bozzi (M.F.A. ’74), on the "roadside anthropology" and manipulated landscapes from which she draws in her work.

Interview with Jason Stopa

Curator-at-Large Dan Nadel and artist Jason Stopa discuss Wayne Thiebaud’s influence on Stopa’s work and Thiebaud’s enduring relevance to today's contemporary art landscape.